Minimize YouTube

Pressing on the first button of the bottom red bar, Minimizes YouTube into a small window.

  • Re-size and move anywhere on your screen!
  • The window will always be visible above all other apps and windows!


By double tapping on the Round Red Button (Floating Action Button) you can change its function.

The icon with the 4 arrows, means you can use it to move the window around your screen. Simply touch the round button and drag it around the screen to move the window.


By double tapping on the Round Red Button (Floating Action Button) you can change its function.

The icon with the 2 big arrows, means that you can use it to resize the window. Simply touch the round button and drag it with your finger up or down to adjust the size of the window.



By double tapping on the Round Red Button (Floating Action Button) you can change its function.

The icon with the Lock, means that the window is now locked on the screen and you can't accidentally touch it. Simply double tap the red button again to unlock it and change its function again.

Ghost In-Place

By double tapping on the Round Red Button (Floating Action Button) you can change its function.

The icon with the Ghost, means that you can now press it to activate Ghost Mode in-place, on the exact point on the screen the window is currently at. Read below for a detailed explanation of Ghost Mode.


The Ghost Mode

The first button of the bottom red bar will allow you to Minimize YouTube into a small movable, re-sizable window on your screen. The second icon with the Ghost, will make YouTube completely disappear!

Ghost Mode will make a very small, fully transparent window on your screen that you can't touch! Just like a ghost! (you can touch everything behind it) Also, using the transparency setting, (read below) you can control the level of transparency the window will have and make it even disappear completely, allowing you to truly minimize YouTube in the background!

Ghost Mode Transparency Setting

The last button of the bottom red bar with the 3 lines will open up the side menu of YouTube Minimizer. (you can also slide it in from the side of your screen at any time)

On that menu you can find various important settings like the "Ghost Mode Settings". This option will open up a small window that will allow you to control the level of transparency of the Ghost Mode window. This applies to both Ghost Mode and Ghost In-Place.


Music Mode

A lot of people like to use YouTube as a source of music, making playlists with their favorite songs, using their phones as "media players". So it will be very useful for those people, if there was an actual media player app that instead of audio files from the device, it could play audio only from the videos of YouTube!

That's exactly where Music Mode comes in, it's a mode that will transform YouTube Minimizer into a "media player" that will play music directly from YouTube, using a playlist or just by playing one video after another with the auto-play feature.

Music Mode when activated from the Menu option, (you can see it to the right) will not have any visible windows on Minimize or Ghost Mode functions and it will allow the user to turn off the screen no matter if Dimming Mode is active or not.

It will minimize YouTube completely in the background, controlling music playback via the media player style controls of the Notification. You can also return back to full screen mode at any time.


Dimming Mode

Dimming Mode is unfortunately a necessary evil in YouTube Minimizer.

Since YouTube Minimizer is mainly a Play Store application, we have to comply with the Google regulations about developers. One of these regulations states that no application on Play Store should "allow background play of YouTube videos".

With that in mind, YouTube Minimizer is not allowed to turn off the screen and play a YouTube video at the same time and that's where Dimming Mode comes in.

However since we think that our users should have the option to choose if they like this mode or not, we give the option to disable it completely using the Dimming Mode option of the Menu.

Dimming Mode is enabled by default, to comply with Google regulations and it will always wake up your device when you try to turn off the screen. Once awake, Dimming Mode will try to dim the screen when the user doesn't use the device to save battery but it will not allow the screen to fully be turned off.


Close/Exit YouTube Minimizer

You can close YouTube Minimizer at any time, using either the Door icon from the bottom red bar or the similar Door button from the Notification bar.


Playlists & Auto-Playback

YouTube Minimizer has all the latest YouTube features, like automatic playback of any video, non-stop playback of playlists and more. It also lets you connect and manage your YouTube account, including saved videos, liked videos, your personal playlists, the ability to make new playlists and much more.



We, as the team behind YouTube Minimizer, are always listening to our users, gathering all the requested features and improvements that our users want and with our own new ides we are always improving YouTube Minimizer through new updates.

Features like:

  • In app playlist creation
  • To bring back the playlist repeat and shuffle buttons that YouTube removed from Playlists
  • Sleep function
  • Home button instant Minimize
  • Video playback quality

are just some of the many new features coming on the upcoming updates!