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YouTube Minimizer YouTube Minimizer HOT

A new major release for YouTube Minimizer is here! (version 6)
Major changes/New features:
• The much requested video quality selector is now available.
• Complete re-write of the entire app, to make it faster and much more compatible with the Android ecosystem.
• Improved search filters.
• Seamless transition between apps, for example now you can open a notification while you are watching a video on YouTube Minimizer and the video will Minimize or Ghost Mode automatically (based on your chosen setting from the app Settings) and open the next app! This applies to everything, from Home button press to simply opening another app.
• New YouTube Video Downloader feature! You can download any video from YouTube on every resolution and framerate or just download the audio.
• New no-interface design of the Minimized Window. (with Move & Re-size)

Minor changes:
• Improved app startup times, using caching and pre-loading methods.
• New Tutorial system with full interface explanation. (including all Main Menu options)
• Improved Main (side) Menu, with better layout and explanations of every option.
• Now all app settings are gather on a single Settings page, you can find it on the Main Menu.
Created 03-12-2018
Size24.52 MB